Friday, 20 September 2013

Online Jewellery Shopping from Drop Dead Gorgeous- Review

Hello Girls,

Recently I came across this page named Drop Dead Gorgeous on Facebook, and  like I do for any other page that interests me, I liked it.

I randomly browse an online store and if I come across an item that I instantly fall in love with I will end up buying it. :d

This was what happened when I stumbled upon Drop Dead Gorgeous store browsing on Facebook. Jewellery from this store are very beautifully handcrafted. I am a huge pearl fanatic and I own lots of little jewellery pieces.So here's what I picked up from them....




(P.S- I ddnt get this box with the product.)

I  placed an order request with Shraddha and she was so cooperative and kept me updated about my order.
I received my order in a weeks time and am I am so happy with their service.

It was packed in a plastic cover, my only suggestion to them would be to work on the packaging of the product.

Price: 775 INR (inclusive of shipping) 

Rating: 4.5/5 

Overall I am in love with this neck-piece. They have a variety of accessories and I recommend you all to have a look at their page.

Happy Shopping :)

Do let me know your views on my Pearly Neck-piece :d






  1. Pretty piece.. loved it..

  2. Hi,

    Thanks alot for featuring us :)
    I am glad you like the neckpiece !!
    We shall definitely improve on our packaging !!

    Loads of love,
    Drop Dead Gorgeous

  3. Most Welcome Shraddha :))